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Yes! Mullets Rock!

Yes, yes, yes, I took a week off from posting.  Why? Because despite what you might think, the Kieffer’s Guy DOES have a life.  Plus I moved into a new place this week.  There’s something about moving and everything involved in moving that sucks the creative juices right out of me.  So deal with it.

I’ve noticed a HUGE increase in visits to the blog.  Thank you, thank you, and gracias!  If you have any questions, you can email me at kieffersguy@kieffers.com.  All complaints can be sent to: idontcare@getlost.net.  And now, onto the show!

American Range’s Step-Up Hybrid Range:

Political Correctness Disclaimer: Before American Range and their fans freak out, I'm just going for the laugh. DON'T think for a second that I think this range is akin to trashy mullet haircuts.

Have you ever heard the term “business in the front, party in the back”?  I’m sure you have, and when we use this term, we’re talking about one thing and one thing only: MULLETS.  Now how the heck can I make a connection between mullets and appliances?  Well, I really couldn’t if American Range didn’t develop this awesome 36″ step-up, hybrid range.  Plus, I don’t feel like doing REAL work today, so this allows me to search the internet for the finest pictures of mullets.

Why is this range mullet worthy?

Because this range combines the best of both worlds: induction and gas.  Three induction burners up front (the business side) and three gas burners in the back (the party).  If you’re not quite sure what induction is, I’ve dusted off a post about induction from the Kieffer’s archives for you to read.

The family that mullets together stays together.

BAZINGA!  What a picture right?!?!  I’m loving it!  Anyway, American Range’s philosophy is to bring professional quality to the home kitchen.  Just ask Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse.  They use American Range in all of their kitchens.

Since you’ve read my induction post, you know that induction technology focuses more heat energy on your pan than standard electric heating elements.  With that in mind, let’s investigate the power of the range’s cooktop:

Front  Induction Burners: (1) 3,000 Watts, (1) 2,800 Watts and (1) 1,800 Watts.

Rear, Sealed Burners: (2) 13,000 BTU and (1) 9,000 BTU.  These burners can simmer at 140 degrees giving you tons of control.

About the oven:

  • Convection Bake, Dehydrate and Defrost
  • Standard Bake and Broil
  • Industry’s largest oven cavity at 3.71 cu. ft.
  • 30,000 BTU hidden bake oven burner
  • 15,500 BTU Inconel® banquet broiler burner produces 1,500°F broiling temperatures

Insert your own caption here.

Yes the oven is  gas and yes it’s manual clean, but before you freak out remember that most professionals prefer gas ovens over electric because a by-product of combustion is moisture.  This aids in keeping baked goods moist as they cook.  In terms of manual cleaning ask yourself this:  how dirty is your oven at home?  Most spills are going to hit the bottom of the oven.  The sides and top will remain virtually stain free so my tip is to put aluminum foil at the bottom of the oven to catch any potential spills the might happen.  Incidentally, this oven boasts a 3.71 cubic foot cavity which American Range bills as the largest capacity currently available in it’s class.  Though we don’t have the hybrid range on our floor, we have the 36″ all gas step-up range on display and I can tell you that the oven interior is huge.

The First Ever Kieffer’s Appliances Blog Contest!

That’s right!  I’m launching a new contest.  It’s called “Create A Caption” contest.  Take a look at the photo below, write your own caption, and email it to me.  I’ll announce the winner on the next blog post.  By the way, there is no formal judging process.  Whichever submitted caption makes me laugh the hardest wins.  And what do you win?  Absolutely nothing, but it’s still fun.  Email your submissions to: kieffersguy@kieffers.com

Create your own caption and email it to me. The winner will be announced on the next blog post.

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