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January 2018 Newsletter

Growing Up in the Business

Written by: Katie Marmero

When I was young, I always had the best playhouse, rocket ship, and theater set the school play had ever seen – all from cardboard and all from my family business.   Growing up in the appliance business came with those perks, but I put in hard work for each one of those boxes!   My other friends didn’t spend time at work with their parents or help out in their offices, but this was the norm for me.

As a child, the warehouse was the best place for hide and seek and dusting the showroom always got me a movie ticket.  As a teenager, instead of babysitting like my friends, I was answering phone calls, doing inventory with my dad, or filing bills for my mom.  Through college, I worked in the service department over summers and holidays and then moved back after graduation to manage the logistics of the new online sales department.  A few years later, the decision was made to sell the business and my work there ended shortly after.

It was a hard transition after 26 years in the business, but I was 100% positive that this was going to change my career path – I was going to use my college degree, or get a new one, or at least find a job in Philadelphia that I can walk to and get rid of my car, right?  I had big plans all during a huge job recession.  I got some calls from other local businesses that were hiring in retail or administration that knew my family, but that wasn’t what I was looking for.

A few months later, I got a phone call from John Kieffer, and after telling him I wasn’t looking for a retail position, he asked me to come in and talk about other opportunities.

Kieffer’s has outside Trade Account Managers, which are committed to the trade, with direct support. That may sound smart and simple, but it is not the norm for a family-owned appliance business.  I had never worked in sales.  I came from a service background.  I knew the products from listening to sales in the showroom, and model numbers from doing inventory; so why not sales?  But stuck in appliances, again?   My husband assured me this should be my next step.  “You KNOW this” he said.  I stopped fighting it, I stopped looking for the big change and started looking forward to something familiar.

The background my family had provided, prepared me to succeed in the industry and the support of a new family pushed me to learn the new skills needed to succeed in service-oriented sales.  One of the most interesting parts of the transition was meeting Jace Kieffer, the 3rd generation, and finding out that we had a similar experience growing up in the industry.  I have a lovely degree hanging on my wall, and I drive to see clients pretty much every day, so still have the car, but it turns out my biggest plan was in the works well before I knew it.


Jennair’s Accolade

Does your kitchen have a sleek and modern design where a hood just doesn’t work? Individually crafted and hand-polished, Jennair’s Accolade downdraft’s graceful movement is matched by its singular performance: it powerfully, quietly, and beautifully clears the air; then disappears on command.  Let’s look at some of it’s hot features!

  1. The Accolade makes a bold statement by elegantly rising up to 19 inches and removing all the odors and smells from all types of cookware – from shallow sauté pans to tall stockpots.
  2. It comes with three exhaust positions that help ensure optimal installation of the unit.  It also has four-fan speeds, so it can handle all types of cooking.
  3. The design of this downdraft is curved; which helps capture a lot of smoke and the 10” round exterior venting enables quiet airflow for efficient performance.
  4. This downdraft is extremely intuitive.  The timed blower clears the kitchen of cooking vapors, even after the food has finished cooking by gradually reducing the speed until it turns off.
  5. Concealed controls, yet easily accessible, maintain the hood’s elegant aesthetic.  Additionally, the LED lighting also adds a refined look to your kitchen.


Seeing is believing! Stop by our Lansdale showroom to test it for yourself.


The How and Why of Connected Appliances: Bosch Feature

The future has arrived.  Many manufacturers have already or are planning to integrate smart technology into appliances, and Bosch is no exception. From doing the dishes, to brewing a frothy latte, to keeping an eye on your oven, the Home Connect app allows your customer to remotely monitor and control your Bosch appliances from your smartphone or tablet for greater convenience and safety.  Some customers see why this is so important, other’s may need a few examples of how smart appliances can make their life better.

Download the Home Connect App from the Apple App Store (iOS)

Download the Home Connect App from the Google Play Store (Android)

  1. Coffee that’s ready before you are – the Home Connect app lets you order coffee from anywhere in your home, using your smartphone or tablet.  Every second counts in the morning in most households, and having the perfect cup of coffee waiting for you (yes, you can save coffee recipes) is quite the luxury.


  1. Speaking of busy mornings, if you forgot to start the dishwasher, have no fear; you can start the dishwasher from anywhere.  To keep your dishwasher performing at its very best, Home Connect can alert you whenever your dishwasher is running low on rinse aid, detergent tabs and salt—and if you have Amazon, it can even order dish tabs when you’re running low.


  1. A refrigerator that notifies you when the door is left open.  Your Bosch connected refrigerator can notify you on your smartphone or tablet if the temperature increases, in the case that the door didn’t quite close all the way.  The Home Connect app also offers helpful tips, like when adding new food to the freezer, help it freeze faster and prevent your existing food from defrosting by activating the SuperFreeze function. With Home Connect, it’s easy to activate SuperFreeze from anywhere.  Plus, your freezer will automatically return to normal after a set time, for optimum efficiency.


  1. Save time by preheating your oven from anywhere.  Remote preheat lets you turn on your Home Connect enabled oven remotely using your smartphone.  Activate push notifications in the app, and you’ll get the information you need to monitor the entire cooking process.  You’ll not only be able to see when the oven is preheated, but you’ll also be notified as soon as your meal is ready.  And if you need to adjust the oven temperature, you can simply do it from within the app—a great option for the customer who wants a preheated oven by the time they get home from work or the grocery store.  And if you forget to turn off the oven, you can turn it off from anywhere.  All that, along with helpful recipe tips and tricks, to up your game in the kitchen.


  1. Start your laundry, even when you’re on-the-go. With your Bosch connected washing machine, you can start or adjust a load of laundry from anywhere, using your smartphone or tablet.  This is especially handy for those last-minute changes in life.


  1. Turn your smartphone into the ultimate Bosch repair kit.  It can be stressful if your home appliances don’t work the way they’re supposed to. Remote diagnostics is here to help.  Simply call the Home Connect phone number and make an appointment for a remote diagnosis of your connected appliance.  With your permission, Bosch Customer Service can remotely access your appliance, locate the problem area, and provide advice on the best solution.  In the event that the problem cannot be solved remotely, a Bosch Service Technician can schedule an in-home appointment to resolve the issue, equipped with the necessary parts already in hand.

According to Statista’s Outlook report, Smart Appliances grew 31% from 2016 to 2017 with more infiltration forecasted year over year—so if you’re interested and want to know more, be sure to reach out to your Kieffer’s Trade Account Manager to stay connected.


Product Feature:  18” Perlick Refrigeration

The design community asked, and Perlick responded.  They recently created the industry’s first shallow depth refrigerator.  SOTTILE, Perlick’s 18″ Shallow-Depth Wine Reserve’s compact nature gives your customers the ability to store 20+ bottles of wine in a smaller footprint than a traditional 24″ unit.  Build into a kitchen island or stack to keep their favorite vintages at the perfect temperature anywhere in the home.


Key Features

  • Industry Exclusive 18″ depth for design flexibility
  • 32″ height with leveling legs
  • Designed for maximum capacity while adhering to strict 34″ counter height ADA-compliant requirements
  • Available with solid stainless-steel door, solid wood overlay door, stainless steel glass door or wood overlay glass door
  • Includes five (5) full-extension wine shelves
  • Product capacity is 20 wine bottles (750 ml) with room for additional bottles underneath
  • Wine Reserve temperature 40° – 68°F (factory set to 45°F)


Kieffer’s Advantage Trade Partner Program

Certified Installers

Over 100 years in the business- rest easy knowing you’re referring customers to a reliable appliance partner

Exclusive invitations to industry events

Dedicated Trade Account Manager

Access to special Trade Partner incentive programs

Contact your dedicated sales representative or visist to register today


Kieffer’s Operations and Certified Installer Team

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2017 Newsletters

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November Newsletter

Designers are in love.

EuroChef USA, importer of fine Italian cooking products, offers two great lines through Ellsworth Architectural Products: Ilve (ill-vey) and Verona.

Each handcrafted Ilve range can be customized in both color, style and metal finish to become the centerpiece of your kitchen. Designing your unique range is almost limitless by using one of eight standard colors or 220 RAL colors. Choose from Chrome, Brass, Oil-[hand] Rubbed Bronze or Copper handles, trim and knobs. You can even mix two metal finishes on a single range. Every custom-designed range is hand assembled which means you need to allow 10 to 12 weeks from order date for custom orders.

Ilve ranges provide the most functionality of any range, with nine ways to cook on the cooktop surface alone! Each range is equipped with true convection, an electric rotisserie, and a full width warming drawer.  Optional accessories include: a pizza stone, steam cooker, BBQ grill, bain-marie, glide racks and more.

Ilve ranges received the prestigious “A” Energy Rating in Europe – the equivalent of the US Energy Star Certification.

And then there is Verona – offering a 36” dual fuel, all-gas or all-electric range in two distinct styles; the “N” or “Classic” Series.  These ranges are available in single or exclusive double oven configurations – both with convection! The Classic Series includes glide racks and is designed with sleek knob, handle, door and leg styles.

With a starting price of $2,499, this affordable range is a well-built asset, both in looks and functionality.  With the addition of the Verona Chefs Pak, the center burner becomes a pro-style griddle, steam cooker or keep warm area with high quality accessories.  This pack is now available at $299 as an instant rebate through December 2017.

To find out more, contact your trade account manager today—or call the showroom at 215-699-3522.

Current promotions for your clients (through December, 2017)
  1. Ilve 48” Majestic Free Hood*
  2. Verona Chefs Pak $299
  3. Verona Hood-Save $500 with Range
  4. Verona Color Range-Save $400
  5. Combine all three Verona promos for a $1200 instant rebate

*Ask for Rebate Form (Architect and Designers) for complete details – standard colors w/chrome trim only.

You may be familiar with Microwave drawers, but something you may not know is that Sharp manufactures all of the drawers.  The real difference lies in different styles and price points.

A few benefits are:

  1. Microwave Drawers free up valuable space on the counter
  2. Over-the-range microwaves are not designed for heavier cooking like woks or grills, so drawers are a great option for culinary kitchens
  3. No lifting heavy hot items from above (especially for kids- speaking of which, most microwave drawers can be pass coded for childproof protection)
  4. Mounting the drawer flush is just better looking

It is important to note that microwave drawers are also harder to install.  Drawers are operated with push buttons to open and close, so you cannot open them manually.  Forcing them open will lead to broken tracks and problems; fortunately Kieffer’s has a certified install team that will be able to help you.

Drawer models also lack the option for convection and don’t have a turntable, as the magnetron is located on the roof of the microwave instead of the side wall (which some say is a plus). The other drawback is the price; price points start around $1,000 (ask us about designer and builder programs, though).

There are many options when it comes to speed cooking, microwaves, etc.  Your best bet is to call your dedicated Kieffer’s Trade Account Manager to review your specific project.



As this Q3 report indicates, the industry is strong and healthy, but not without its challenges.  From sentiment on workforce readiness, to the ability to recruit and retain adequate staff levels as well as prioritizing the skill set required for today’s job-site and the ability of a contractor to staff a future pipeline of work, this report provides important insights that will help foster the future success of this industry.


The quarterly spotlight for Q3 focuses on the importance of job-site worker skills.  Safety skills are widely recognized as important, and most contractors believe their workers possess these skills.  Technical skills and communication skills are considered highly important by 79% of contractors, but less than half consider their workers to have better than adequate communication skills, suggesting a training opportunity.


Do you agree with this report? Do you find it difficult to find skilled workers?

Tell us here.





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May 2017 Newsletter
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October 2017 Newsletter

Appliance Trends

Steam Ovens Whenever I discuss steam ovens with a client, they immediately mention that they don’t use steam to cook vegetables or fish so they don’t need one. First, vegetables are delicious and healthy (eat more veggies). Second, a steam is much more than a vegetable or fish oven. Known as combi-steam ovens, these appliances can act as a small convection oven, a steam oven, or combine both technologies for fast cooking times. How fast is fast? How about a 13-pound turkey in 90 minutes! Since moisture is a key ingredient with a steam oven, it’s almost impossible to dry out foods. Plus it’s perfect for reheating foods as it reconstitutes dishes. Rice never quite bounces back in a microwave, right? Use a steam oven instead.
Connected Appliances   It was only a matter of time until appliances became part of the internet. Many appliances connect to your mobile devices, like a tablet or a smart phone. Want to preheat your oven so it’s ready by the time you get home from work? No problem. Want to see how much energy an appliance is using? Check your phone. It’s only a matter of time until your refrigerator takes inventory of what’s inside and develops recipes based on its contents or reminds you to pick up more eggs. Imagine your refrigerator asking you if you REALLY want to eat that pint of Ben and Jerry’s at midnight…
 Bigger Is Not Bette Big wheels. Better car. Big knobs. Better range. For some reason, as Americans, we are trained to think that bigger is better. Manufacturers know this and are making laundry with larger capacity options. Be careful. Just because you can fit a llama and a buffalo in your washer doesn’t mean it’s the best. Larger laundry means larger exterior dimensions which mean that a big washer and dryer could be too deep or too wide for your space. Always measure the area where you want your laundry to go before you purchase. This same rule applies to refrigerators.
 A Splash of Color  White, black, and stainless steel are the most popular colors in appliances, but manufacturers are thinking outside those hues and coming up with some eye-catching colors. GE, for example, has a new color called slate, but the newest color to hit the block is black stainless steel. Companies like Kichenaid, Sharp, and Samsung offer options in black stainless steel. This will be the new color trend over the next few years as more and more manufacturers create black stainless steel options

XO Ventilation- How Beautiful Kitchens Breathe

A slide-out model, or as XO refers to them, glide-out model, is a good option for a clean modern look, but still allows for superior ventilation. They offer a variety of CFM ratings and widths in these hoods. A best-seller in the 30″ category, the XOC30SMUA, 395 CFM glide-out hood virtually vanishes when not in use, but unlike similar models, allows both the lights and blower to operate when the lid is in both the open and closed positions. It has a variety of venting options, including ductless, and features three-speed illuminated electronic controls and two 50W halogen lights. One important note is that the operational components go to the cabinetry, effectively eliminating the use of that cabinet.

Perhaps you are working on a kitchen that needs an island hood; the XOMI36G is a best seller in the 36-inch island category. This model has a 600 CFM high velocity blower and operates in a sound range of 1.8 to 6.5 sones. It has four 20W Halogen lights for great illumination and is constructed of high quality stainless steel and glass. It is designed to fit ceilings up to nine feet tall and should be mounted 27 – 32 inches off the cooking surface. When installed to vent to the exterior, a 6-inch duct is required. It can also be onfigured for a ductless operation. This model features aluminum mesh filters and three-speed electronic illuminated controls. XO also offers a similar 42 inch model, the XOMI42G. These beautiful pieces can really set the kitchen apart and are the perfect accessory to an island cook top.

XO is manufactured in Fabriano, Italy, and are the second largest independent ventilation manufacturers in Europe. Ventilation, in general, can be confusing—this is why you have a dedicated trade account manager at Kieffer’s Appliances available to talk you through any of these buying decisions

 Thermador launches Freedom Columns October 2017

The Culinary Preservation line has over 23 customizable columns, allowing for hundreds of unique combinations of bottom freezers, refrigerator columns, freezer and wine preservation columns – all of which can accommodate stainless or custom panels. A new 36″ refrigerator and freezer are now available, and a 23 1/2″ refrigerator can fit into a pre-existing 42″ or 48″ cut-out when matched with a 18″ or 24″ freezer or wine column.

The major product enhancements in this launch are:

  •   Open Door Assist (allows for easy opening door, and provides the ption of pull or push to open – a dream for putting away groceries BT
  •  TFT Display (culinary enthusiasts can manually adjust the temperature in bottom mount refrigeration, while it is automatically maintained in single door columns
  • Thermafresh
  • Delicate Produce Bins (preserve the aroma, flavor and crispness of herbs in appropriately chilled drawers)
  • Cool Air Flow technology- Additional features like the FreeFlow® Cold Air System and Super Cool are also in place to ensure optimal freshness of ingredients and other items stored

I cannot end without pointing out to my fellow wine-loving friends that the Wine Column now has three zones to keep your chardonnays,reds and my beloved rosé at the optimal temperature. A touch feature on the door senses when it has been accidentally opened, and automatically closes (if one would rather pull the door open, the touch

feature can be disabled). in the columns.

For those that don’t know, Habitat ReStores are home improvement stores that accept small and large donations of new or gently used furniture, appliances, housewares, building materials and more. The items are then sold at a fraction of the retail price to help families to build a better future. Then, the proceeds help Habitat’s work in your community and around the world.​


Most of us in the “trade” know the feeling of demoing a perfectly good kitchen and then having a full cabinet set or a good appliance that is not needed anymore. Rather than toss them in the dumpster, there is a solution that will make everyone happy, and it’s for a good cause!


Win, win, win, win. A win for everyone.

Go to to locate ReStore near you

2017 Fall Colors

Hello Autumn!

Fall is the time for rich, warm and cozy colors that mirror the changing colors of the season.
No element of home decorating is more discussed or evaluated than color. Each season interior design experts and forecasters weigh in with predictions of up-and-coming colors in the industry.
To highlight what colors will be trending this fall, we consulted with Bluestar, known for their hundreds of color selections and handcrafted products, to bring you the hues you’ll be seeing everywhere this Fall

Pastel Violet can be the star attraction in the kitchen when used on one main appliance, such as a gas range or double wall oven, and pairs beautifully with light natural wood cabinets, and light countertops. Purple Violet suggests the color of a full-bodied wine and is a perfect accent tile in a small area, especially when combined with clean white countertops and medium grey cabinets. 

BlueStar 48-inch Platinum Series
Ranges in Pastel Violet and
Platinum Grey is still one of the hottest colors of the year. This color is subtle enough to use for all appliances in a complete kitchen suite.

48-inch Platinum Series Range from BlueStar in Platinum Grey

Continue Reading…

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